Bjarne Urhammer


Danish architect Bjarne Urhammer still has a very special place in our hearts. When he approached our founder Kristian Jakobsen in late 2010, looking for someone to take over the production and marketing of his beautiful FLight self-assembly pendants, he unknowingly initiated the process that lead to the creation of our company and journey into the wonderful world of design.

Bjarne Urhammer

Artist, architect and designer Bjarne Urhammer (1938) is a graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and has worked for Friis and Moltke in Aarhus and Siemens in Munich. He is also a trained sculptor, educated in Bonn and at Joseph Beuys in Düsseldorf.

Early on Bjarne showed several pieces of furniture which were heavily promoveret by the interior magazine Bo Bedre in 1969-1971. Since then, he has worked with light from a sculptors point of view, creating the lampshade White Clover (later reconstructed and renamed FLight 55). In 2007 Bjarne designed the lamp shades FLigt 28 and FLight 35, which he often refers to as “light sculptures”.

Designs: FLight™ (2003 and 2007)

»The light that surrounds us makes it possible for our eyes to see the world. Light hits the surfaces and is reflected in a way that makes us learn about the character of the objects – but the light itself we do not see.«

»When we look up at the moon, we see it reflecting the light from the sun. The moon is swimming in a sea of light that flows from the sun and makes the moon shine. The sunlight is filling space and reaches the distant planets, making them glow. But all this light in the dark of the sky we cannot see when it does not find an object.«

»Light from a light bulb has the same character; it is not visible. But like light from the sun it hurts, when it shines directly into our eyes. A properly designed lamp will spread the light gently to the surroundings without blinding.«

»With the FLight lamps I have wished to create a form that allows light to expose itself in many ways. The material, shape, reflections, shadows, translucency – all are arranged to serve this purpose. You will still not be able to see the light, but you will learn about the qualities of light by being with FLight – more than light.«

Bjarne Urhammer

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