The FLight pendants give the light a form which is in many ways ideal.

Although the lamps prevent the sharp glare of the bulb from being seen, the open flaps of the lamps let the light escape from the material. The light seems to flow down over the leaves and penetrate some surfaces, while it is reflected in others.

FLight provides a beautiful light to the surroundings, and even gives the light itself the opportunity to show itself from its best side.

FLight lamps are easy to clean with a duster or in the shower. The all-new assembly and locking method makes the assembly a trifle, and with the limited number of parts, the lamp may be ready to hang up “before the coffee gets cold”.

Measurements: FLight 28: 24 x ø43 cm / FLight 35: 28 x ø53 cm / FLight 55: 35 x ø45 cm
Material: White lamp shade foil
Bulb: Max. 60W in a E27 socket (not included)
Design: Bjarne Urhammer (2003 and 2007)