IQlight is a self assembly lighting system made up of interlocking quadrilaterals. Lamps of various shapes and sizes can be constructed by linking together the identical elements. The standard IQlight pack contains 30 modules.

The IQlight system was designed in 1972 by Danish designer Holger Strøm, who was then working at the Kilkenny Design Workshops, Ireland. He was originally asked to create a modular construction for a cylindrical and a spherical lamp, both to appear to be the same size, to be used in a Christmas display.

“I constructed them from triangular modules, which I glued together, and by using an equal number of modules for the sphere and the cylinder, they did actually appear to be the same size. It was just a Christmas decoration, but I couldn’t completely forget the idea. I wanted to make it with a mechanical assembly system, and with identical modules.”

“I used a rhomboid shape because, of the classic geometric shapes, it’s one that can give a most round form. I also realised that by giving the module a curl on each corner I could hook them together, but the result was a bit loose and floppy. So I lengthened the top and bottom of the rhombus, that gave them tension when they were hooked together, and it was that tension I needed for the lamp to hold together.”

IQlight has won the Interior Innovation Award 2005 and the Danish Design Award 2001. For more info visit

Measurements: Variable. When assembled as a sphere, approx. ø30/ø40/ø50/ø60/ø70/ø80 cm
Material: White lamp shade foil
Bulb: Up to 100W depending on size and shape of shade (not included)
Design: Holger Strøm (1972)