Rock Clock

Rock Clock

The Rock Clock desk clock ponders the contrast between the continuous movement of time and the ancient natural rock, for which time seems to stand still.

Time is experienced today as something fleeting and precious – a scarce resource. The hands seem to be turning faster and faster, and the day no longer has enough hours to modern man. ROCK CLOCK puts things into perspective and anchors the concept of time in the 400 million years old marble.

The design of the clock has been kept simple and without excessive detail, as a tribute to the beautiful natural stone in varying shades of gray – nature’s own design. The copper-plated hands driven by a silent quartz movement clockwork provide a nice contrast to the gray stone.

ROCK CLOCK complements your desktop, wall shelf, sideboard, etc. and the clock is easy to move around in the house as needed.

Measurements: 80 x 80 x 60 mm
Material: Cloud marble, copperplated aluminium
Clockwork: Quartz with silent sweep movement
Design: Kristian Jakobsen (2014)