• Meet our family of wooden animals

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Meet our family of wooden animals

See them all

Elegant elephant

The elephant is one of the world’s most iconic
animals, known and loved by both children
and adults for the long trunk, the big ears,
and the wise eyes.

Meet the Toucans

Toucans are unique in appearance and among the most recognizable birds in the world.

Our own two toucans are crafted in FSC® certified oak wood.

Cuddle up and get cosy!

Our new LOOP throw is the perfect couch companion when you need some warm and cosy down time.

The throw is super soft with a graphical pattern and exquisite eyelash fringes.

The FRAME series
Simplicity before all else

The FRAME series

With Frame, the designer has created a series of candlesticks with a very minimalist and Nordic expression.

Everything redundant is cut away and back stands a simple frame that carries the candle holders.

Experience how Frame highlights the candles without stealing focus from them...